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Vraag The World is Waiting for President Putin

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It's because Putin is the real boss, the rest are just elite's puppets

Macron looks like a little child wondering where his father is

There is nothing funny here, everyone understands that Putin will be a historical figure, and they will practically be no one in world history, so they want to capture themselves together with him, so that sometimes they are remembered...!

Excellent move, let those hypocrites wait a little.

I remember some increasingly irrelevant nation was saying a few years back about how Russia was isolated....seems they were deluded as well.

And for good reason. That picture would be worthless without him

He is the real leader of the world lots of love from India

I am confused. Macron's handshake with Putin is 100% friendlier than his with Trump. Isn't it supposed to be the other way around? lol
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