Vraag Large Support for Geert Wilders to ban Islamic expressions in Dutch public space

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Large support for Geert Wilders’ proposal to ban Islamic expressions in Dutch public spaces

Party for Freedom (PVV) leader Geert Wilders has remarkable support from the Dutch people for his proposal to ban all forms of Islamic expression in the Netherlands.
Despite all the hatred and opposition, I have the support of the Dutch people. That’s the only thing that matters – Geert Wilders
Mr. Wilders put forward his proposal during the first day of the General Considerations parliamentary debate on government plans and budgets for 2019. Yet according to NU.nl, the proposal was shot down by the other parties, immediately.

The removal of mosques, Islamic schools, the Koran and burkas must be removed from the Netherlands, “Let us strengthen our rule of law by putting our ideology above Sharia”, Wilders exclaimed. “Out of love for the Netherlands. Out of love for our freedom.”

39 per cent of Dutch support the proposal of Wilders to ban Islamic expressions in public space

Lodewijk Asscher, leader of the PvdA, says Wilders has been proposing this for years “but nothing ever comes of it”. Christen Unie leader Gert-Jan Segers claims Wilders’ plans are scary: “Defending freedom by getting rid of freedom”.

The popular populist responded: “Giving freedom to Islam is suicide.”

D66 leader Alexander Pechtold complained that Wilders never “makes a serious attempt to get majority support” for his proposal. However, Wilders said he never makes a proposal he isn’t 100 per cent behind.

After the two-day parliamentary debate about the Budget Memorandum, Geert Wilders was decidedly rewarded by the Dutch public as one of the best debaters.
Geert said: ‘‘Despite all the hatred and opposition, I have the support of the Dutch people. That’s the only thing that matters!’’

‘‘Almost 40 per cent of all Dutchmen – millions of people – support the law I proposed this week in the Dutch Parliament to ban Islam from public space: no more Islamic schools, no more mosques etc.Fantastic! Soon we’ll have a majority to stop islam!’’

During the debate in Parliament, Wilders shared the offensive remarks during this summer by DENK leader Tunahan Kuzu: “A party from our midst said this summer that Dutch people should f*ck off if they do not like the multicultural society. That was Mr. Kuzu from the faction of DENK. I would like to say to him: f*ck off yourself. You are the poison in this society and democracy. This is our country, not your country. Your country is Turkey”.

Wilders also had harsh words for the government for restoring ties with Turkey after 18 months of fallout and allowing immigrants and asylum seekers into the Netherlands.
Asking whether Prime Minister Mark Rutte had lost his mind because he “allowed 400 thousand non-western immigrants in the Netherlands in five years”.
“Open borders cause Islamisation”, Wilders explained. “The Netherlands isn’t the Netherlands anymore,” he added.

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